September 27, 2023

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Former Pfizer VP: Covid-19 vaccines were designed to harm, maim and kill

Former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Mike Yeadon, speaking of coronavirus vaccines that have been coerced and blackmailed by millions of people, said: “They were designed to harm, maim and kill”!

“And if they didn’t have an arsenal of mass screenings and daily terror through the Internet and TV, no one would notice. People who got sick were suffering from common illnesses, exacerbated by anxiety and fear broadcast from TV screens. Fear is one of the greatest inhibitors of the human immune system.It makes you sick.And that’s what they did. They lied to you“.

He went on to mention the poor functioning of local health systems, which led to the death of patients, and the “toxic”, as he calls them, coronary vaccines, which were massively administered to millions of people:

“All that has happened is that they have increased all the common diseases and then mistreated people, basically killing them. And the worst thing is that they made you believe that this pathogen is walking around and that you must be vaccinated.

Do you really believe that they were able to develop in parallel all those things (vaccines) that usually take 7, 10, 12 years to produce, in the required quantities in less than 1 year? No, they couldn’t! It is literally impossible for them to do. I was very scared in the middle of 2020. Once I understood what they were doing, I knew that they were going to force it on everyone. So when I looked at the design of the proposed vaccines, I found at least three things that I can describe to you very quickly. They were designed to harm, maim and kill.”.

It is worth noting that such statements by the “former” should always be viewed with some skepticism, as it often happens that the authors of such statements want to take revenge on their former leaders and (or) the companies where they previously worked.

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