February 2, 2023

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BigPharma is ready "fill up" planet with mRNA flu vaccines

With a prescription for the coronavirus, the global community is gearing up to tackle the seasonal flu, which is nothing short of ubiquitous mRNA vaccines.

It appears that pharmacists are not holding back despite the release of adverse side effects from the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine by the US CDC, which is also the leading national public health institute in the US.

The US agency belatedly published the study in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is a program jointly administered by the CDC and the FDA. There are alarming reports of deaths and a number of very serious thromboembolic, cardiac, neurological, hematological, immune events among American adults as a result of mRNA preparations.

But big pharmaceutical companies are already rubbing their hands, ready to run production lines and increase their revenues to produce new flu vaccines that will be more… effective and will be able to prevent both severe hospitalizations and deaths to a greater extent (somewhere we are already heard).

According to the journal Science, a team of researchers from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is developing a new single-dose mRNA vaccine that boosts immunity against 20 known subtypes of the influenza virus. It has shown encouraging results in preclinical models and is expected to be tested in humans soon. However, according to Greek scientists, new vaccines should by no means prevent the spread of the virus or eradicate seasonal flu.

The reason why the global scientific community has turned to the need for a new vaccine is directly related to the low level of protection provided by existing seasonal influenza vaccines.

The prevention of the spread of seasonal influenza, in terms of immunization of the population, lags far behind the prevention of coronavirus, since the effectiveness of vaccines that prevent both infection and hospitalization is no more than 50%, while the effectiveness of vaccines that prevent coronavirus in the early stages was more 85%, but the assumptions are completely different.

“The vaccine is necessary to protect our loved ones and ourselves, and the annual flu vaccination is mandatory,” is the opinion of the vast majority of scientists.

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