Ministry of Education: "truancy" will not put students on the day of vaccination

Students who have received the coronavirus vaccine, both the first and second doses, may not attend school, and their absence will not be considered absenteeism. According to the circular of the Ministry of Education, absences of schoolchildren on these days will be registered, but will not be “reflected” in the characteristics of school attendance. However, […]

Free Internet and “Freedom Pass” have an expiration date

The free provision of GΒ internet for young people aged 15-17 who have been vaccinated against covid, announced by the Prime Minister at the International Fair in Thessaloniki (Διεθνή Έκθεση της Θεσσαλονίκης), appears to be valid. From the amendment presented by the parliament the other day, it follows that the term for the provision of […]

Shock: about 1,500 cases of covid in 800,000 self-test students

On Monday morning, September 13, students returned to their desks with self-tests, masks, and distance. Government spokesman Yannis Oikonomou spoke about the self-tests carried out and how many of them were positive. Yannis Oikonomu, speaking on ANT1 TV channel, noted that 800,000 self tests were performed, and approximately 1,500 children tested positive for coronavirus. The […]

Vaccination of adolescents is coming, babies will be next

On Good Friday, it became known that the US pharmaceutical industry had filed an application with the European Medicines Agency to approve the distribution of the Pfizer vaccine for children 12-15 years old, Reuters reported. This was announced by Albert Burla, CEO of Pfizer. At the moment, the drug is approved for use in the […]