Ministry of Education: "truancy" will not put students on the day of vaccination

Students who have received the coronavirus vaccine, both the first and second doses, may not attend school, and their absence will not be considered absenteeism.

According to the circular of the Ministry of Education, absences of schoolchildren on these days will be registered, but will not be “reflected” in the characteristics of school attendance.

However, this is allowed, provided that their parents, guardians or themselves, if the children have reached the age of 18, provide the school with a vaccination certificate.

In addition, students may not go to school the day after vaccination if they have some symptoms (pain, fever).

On the day of the first bell, when schools opened, teachers and schoolchildren again faced a new reality, as the coronavirus pandemic requires taking all necessary measures to ensure public health.

President of the Federation of Secondary Education Employees OLME (Ομοσπονδία Λειτουργών Μέσης Εκπαίδευσης) Theodoros Tsukhlos, speaking on the Mega channel, made it clear that teachers are in favor of vaccination – a fact that is confirmed by the high percentage of vaccinees (who were previously required to be vaccinated).

“We are for mass, universal vaccination without exception. The controversy with OLME stems from the concept of obligation, coercion, punishment and intimidation in general. OLME has been doing its job since January when we asked to prioritize teachers. We have reached a high school percentage of over 80%. At the same time, the level of protection as a whole is 85%, because there are colleagues who have been ill, ”said Mr. Tsukhlos.

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