Almost every fifth new case is a child

Fears are mounting about the spread of the coronavirus at a particularly young age, as EODY estimates that 18% of new cases confirmed in July involve people under the age of 17. These are the ones who could not get vaccinated, because just 3 days ago, an appointment site for 15-17 year olds was opened.

It seems that this age group is ill without major incidents, so health authorities are not afraid of pressure on the national health system. The concern is that sick children become carriers of the virus, and thus may transmit the virus to vulnerable vaccinated groups.

According to EODY, 30,744 new cases have been confirmed since early July, of which 5,552 are aged 17 and under. That is, 18% are children. This is a particularly high percentage, which seems unprecedented even when schools and educational institutions are closed.

The significant increase in the number of these cases today is associated with the mobility of young people and with the high infectivity of the Delta mutation. In addition, it is noted that young people do not comply with protective measures and are not vaccinated. The only way to stop the wave of the pandemic is through vaccination. The number of closed appointments for these ages is currently small.

However, it is worth repeating what Wana Papaevangelu, professor of childhood infectious diseases and member of the expert committee, said 2 days ago, noting that “our young people, who, of course, constitute the bulk of new cases of the disease today, should be vaccinated before leaving on vacation. We do not want them to bring the virus from the island to their parents and vulnerable people – to their homes, companies and workplaces. It is clear that they do not have time to completely take root. It is hoped that if they become seriously ill and transmit the virus through their contacts, the chances are very slim. ”

The expert added that “consistent and systematic self-testing, self-tests by all our fellow citizens, especially those who have increased mobility or live in areas with an increased epidemiological burden, will make a significant contribution to early diagnosis and infection control.”

Self-Test Contribution, EODY Official Data

Until July 13, 2021, 28 318 194 certificates on the result of self-diagnosis were recorded in electronic form. Of the 600 793 people who came for re-examination, 48 120 positive results were recorded. Until June 29, 2021, 25,878,876 results reports were recorded in electronic form, out of 466,910 people who came for a second examination, 36,912 positive results were recorded.

Thus, within two weeks, 2,439,318 tests were carried out, and 133,883 people came for a second examination, which is a very large number and a good indicator.

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