UN: Russia cannot adopt Ukrainian children

The United Nations announced the impossibility of adoption in Russia of children taken out of Ukraine. UNICEF, an international organization operating under the auspices of the United Nations, recalls that the decision to adopt should be made in the best interests of the child and only with his voluntary consent. BB.LV. Afshan Khan, UNICEF Regional […]

UK: Ukrainian refugees are driven out into the street

After quarrels with landlords or childish misunderstandings, Ukrainian refugees in Britain find themselves on the street. As writes Daily Mail, approximately 26,000 refugees entered the country under the “Home for Ukraine” program, but not all of them have a smooth new life. The British publication notes that often refugees are notified of eviction in just […]

WHO on the mental health of refugees from Ukraine

Millions of people from Ukraine are fleeing the war in the EU countries. Many are traumatized both physically and mentally. The World Health Organization expresses concern about the psychological state of Ukrainian refugees. Natasha Azzopardi Muscat, Policy Director for WHO Europe, notes that the region has not yet recovered from the onslaught of the coronavirus […]

Ukrainian woman who felt sorry for the leader of Chrissi Avgi received a 30 month sentence

52-year-old Ukrainian woman, in whose house was arrested Christos Pappas, convicted in absentia of the Christi Avgi (Golden Dawn) party, was sentenced to imprisonment for 30 months. Hristos Pappas, deputy leader of the Greek ultra-right party “Golden Dawn”, who has been on the wanted list since October arrested in the Athenian district Zografu in the […]

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