May 22, 2024

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Child of Ukrainian woman killed in Germany found

The German police found the tiny daughter of a murdered refugee from Ukraine alive and seemingly unharmed. As a precaution, the baby was taken to the hospital for examination.

Our edition reportedthat on March 7, the body of a missing Ukrainian refugee was discovered by German police; her one-month-old daughter and mother were not found. Mannheim Police Headquarters considers 51-year-old Marina Stetsenko a witness to the crime and appeals to anyone who knows about her whereabouts or has seen the woman since March 7th.

According to police, the Ukrainian woman who was found died due to violence; she had previously been considered missing. She was found by a passer-by while walking along the Rhine. An investigation by a special commission continues to establish the exact circumstances of the crime.

And now the little one has been found alive, writes Bild. Mannheim police said the 5-week-old girl was in the care of two men, aged 43 and 44. In this regard, they were arrested on Wednesday evening. Both are suspected of murdering a woman. They appeared before a judge on Thursday before being taken to a correctional facility.

Police noted that the girl was unharmed. DNA comparison showed that the child is the daughter of the murdered woman. Now the baby is under the care of the youth affairs department.

The special commission “Rampe” (named after the place where the body was found, near the NATO base) was looking for the child and the mother of the murdered woman from the moment the woman’s body was discovered. The search for the mother of the deceased continues.

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