May 22, 2024

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The mother of a Ukrainian woman killed in Germany was also found dead

What the relatives of Margarita, who was killed in Germany, and investigators feared, happened – her mother and grandmother of the kidnapped baby were also found dead.

The body was found in a lake near the village of Bad Mingolsheim, writes BILD. As our publication reported, the body of the missing Ukrainian refugee 27-year-old Margarita Razaz discovered German police on March 7, her one-month-old daughter and mother were not found. The body of a young woman was found on a dam of the Rhine River near the city of Hockenheim.

Later alive and seemingly unharmed by German police found the tiny 5-week-old daughter of a murdered refugee from Ukraine. As a precaution, the baby was taken to the hospital for examination. DNA comparison showed that the child is the daughter of the murdered woman.

Married couple suspected in the murder of a Ukrainian woman and the abduction of her 5-week-old daughter. Two people, aged 43 and 44, were provisionally arrested last Wednesday evening in the Rhine-Neckar district. At first it was reported that two men had been detained, but later it became known that they were a man and a woman, a 44-year-old German and a 43-year-old Russian woman.

There is a suspicion that those arrested had been planning the murder and kidnapping for a long time. They appeared before a judge on Thursday and were then taken to a correctional facility. The mother of the murdered Ukrainian woman has still not been found. Now the 51-year-old grandmother of the kidnapped girl, Marina Stetsenko, has also been found.

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