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"Ukrainian captain" ship that collapsed bridge in Baltimore (video)

The container ship Dali crashed into a bridge support of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, America, and some immediately blamed the “Ukrainian” captain for the incident.

As a result of the disaster on March 26, six people died and bridge collapse caused a flurry of conspiracy theories. One of them is that Kyiv is behind the incident, since the captain of the ship has Ukrainian citizenship.

Moment of bridge collapse:


On the Baltic Shipping website, a kind of LinkedIn for the shipping industry, there was indeed a profile of a Ukrainian who worked as a captain on the Dali vessel. But… eight years ago, in March-July 2016. The data appeared there in the form of information in the profile – on which ships the job seeker had previously worked. At the same time, the profile is not even visible now, journalists found it in the archives.

The owner of the vessel, Dali Synergy Marine Group, meanwhile, stated that at the time of the crash the crew consisted of Indian citizens. But in reality this is not so important. As our publication reported, the nationality of the captain who was steering the ship at the time of the accident does not matter at all. Because once a foreign vessel enters the Port of Baltimore, a Maryland State Officer must direct it to the berth, according to a statement from the Maryland Pilots Association:

“Every vessel engaged in foreign commerce calling at Maryland ports is required to employ a local vessel service professional, known as a pilot, to safely navigate the vessel to port.”

It remains only to add that the officials investigating the crash have reached a verdict: there is no indication that the crash was intentional.

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