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A Russian couple is suspected of murdering a Ukrainian woman and kidnapping her 5-week-old daughter

New data has emerged in the investigation into the murder of a Ukrainian refugee in Germany. A Russian couple has been arrested on suspicion of murder.

To German law enforcement officers as soon as possible managed to find missing child of a murdered Ukrainian woman, two Russian citizens were detained on suspicion of murder and kidnapping.

As our publication reported, the German police found the tiny daughter of a murdered refugee from Ukraine alive and seemingly unharmed. As a precaution, the baby was taken to the hospital for examination.

It was the seventh of March body found missing Ukrainian refugee, her one-month-old daughter and mother have not been found. Mannheim Police Headquarters considers 51-year-old Marina Stetsenko a witness to the crime and appeals to anyone who knows about her whereabouts or has seen the woman since March 7th.

Later the baby was found alive. Mannheim police said the 5-week-old girl was in the care of two men, aged 43 and 44. In this regard, they were arrested on Wednesday evening. Both are suspected of murdering a woman. They appeared before a judge on Thursday before being taken to a correctional facility.

However, how writes The German publication Bild, citing updated data, found that it was not two men who were detained, but a husband and wife from Russia, 43 and 44 years old, and baby Mia was found with them. Her grandmother has still not been found. According to Bild, the Russian couple allegedly killed Mia’s mother and her grandmother Marina S. in order to kidnap the child.

They say that the murdered Margarita is from Kharkov. By data Ukrainian media reported that all three were last seen in a restaurant. There they met with a woman from Waldorf (Baden-Württemberg), who offered Ukrainian refugees assistance in obtaining German documents on social networks. It is unknown whether the woman arrested is the woman from Waldorf.

Thus, the arrested couple from Russia could have committed two serious crimes at once: they allegedly kidnapped a child from Ukraine and killed his 27-year-old mother. About it writes local publication OE24.

The tragedy could have occurred more than a week ago in Hockenheim (Baden-Württemberg). Law enforcement officials came to the conclusion that Margarita’s death was the result of “external violence.” The girl had a daughter with her, who was only 5 weeks old, and the attackers kidnapped her. Not a trace remained of Margarita’s mother. Law enforcement officials suggest that the 51-year-old woman could also have been killed or kidnapped by a Russian couple, all in order to get a child.

Natives of Kharkov came to Germany from Slovakia because of the war in Ukraine and lived in a refugee shelter in Mannheim, Germany. Margarita worked there as a pastry chef. The search for Marina continues.

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