May 25, 2024

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Interview of the French President with Ukrainian media (video)

French President Emmanuel Macron gave an interview to Ukrainian media and spoke about the opening of a “second front”, the prospects for a “nuclear umbrella” for Ukraine and other topical issues.

For the first time since the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Macron gave an interview to Ukrainian journalists, UNIAN reports. It took place against the backdrop of statements by the French leader about the possibility of sending French troops to Ukraine. Journalist Natalya Mosiychuk says:

“We had only 20 minutes, strictly limited by the press service of the French President. Therefore, the most relevant. About the statement “I’m not ruling out anything,” about the prospects for a “nuclear umbrella” for Ukraine, about the call from Putin and the arrest, about the difficulties with Chancellor Scholz “, about the “super task” – to unite partners and maximize support. And also about Trump’s shadow and his visit to Kiev. And about the most important thing – will the partners have time to increase military assistance for Ukraine.”

The interview became possible thanks to an agreement between Macron and Zelensky on mirror meetings with French and Ukrainian journalists. The day before, French President Emmanuel Macron commented on his statement about the possible introduction of troops into Ukraine. He did not rule out such a step because Russia must not win the war, and advised Russian President Vladimir Putin not to waste threats of nuclear weapons.

Main points of the interview:

  1. Russia must not win. But our goal is also to bring peace back to Europe. We have no limits, and we will react depending on how the Russian Federation reacts.
  2. Ukraine must move towards the point when negotiations are possible. But the territorial integrity of Ukraine will be a fundamental value.
  3. If Putin wants to offer something, I will answer his phone call. However, full-fledged negotiations on ending the war should be conducted by Putin and Zelensky.
  4. About the visit to Ukraine: “I will come with specific proposals and solutions.”
  5. On the possibility of Putin’s arrest in France: “This is not on the agenda.”

French President Emmanuel Macron commented on his statements about the possible deployment of troops to Ukraine. He did not directly say that such an option is now being considered, but made it clear that Paris does not plan to raise the escalation bar:

“France will never initiate any aggression. For now, I am not taking an offensive initiative, since this is contrary to the spirit of collective solidarity. We will not take the path of escalation, because we do not need another war. But we are ready to say that we have there are no restrictions. And we will react depending on what Russia does.”

He called France’s goal the inadmissibility of a Russian victory:

“Russia cannot win this war. It has gone beyond the goals stated in the ‘special military operation’ and now it threatens everyone. If there is another round of escalation on the part of Russia, we will be ready to respond for the safety of Ukraine and the Europeans.”

Macron noted that if Moscow deviates from the red lines, then the West will not respect them.

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