Economy regime in Greece: lighting of streets and monuments, rolling blackouts

The Greek government is preparing for a worst-case energy scenario and plans to reduce natural gas consumption through darker streets and lighting of historical monuments, as well as periodic power outages in households. This was announced last weekend by Energy Minister Kostas Skrekas and Deputy Finance Minister Thodoros Skilakakis. As the Deputy Minister said Skai […]

Home Appliances: Tips to Reduce Energy Consumption

Recent developments in the energy sector have made energy costs one of the most visible factors in household budgets. Each new electricity bill is also a new shock! Subscribe to read the article and get full access to other restricted materials. I’m already a subscriber. 1 day 1€/1 day Subscribe 1 month 3€/1 month Subscribe […]

ΔΕΗ myEnergy Coach: A tool to save energy and save money

Company ΔΕΗ announced the myEnergy Coach digital tool to help consumers figure out their energy costs and engage their saving habits. It will also effectively help reduce energy costs and be helpful in protecting the environment. ΔΕΗ myEnergyCoach is online and gives consumers the opportunity to: control the consumption of electricity – both at […]

What do Greeks save on to make ends meet?

More than half of the families (50.9%) reduced their spending on outdoor events (restaurants, cafes, cinemas, etc.) last year. In addition, 45.1% of households spent less on travel, and 43.3% reduced spending on clothing and footwear. These figures are from the 10th annual study. ΓΣΕΒΕΕ on household income and living expenses in 2021. On the […]

15 Ways to Save Gas

Good afternoon, dear fellow motorists and fellow pedestrians! Good afternoon to those for whom gasoline smells, and does not stink, who every day goes to the car with a slight excitement, as to a beloved woman. Yes, with such an increase in prices, gasoline will soon smell prestigious in our country, like Chanel No. 5 […]

Economy Secrets – How to Get along with Soaring Prices

Energy resources have risen in price sharply and seriously. Gas and electricity prices are breaking records, and you need to somehow survive. Experts give sensible recommendations that will help to significantly reduce the frightening indicators in payments. No one can say with certainty when this price race will stop, and when they will begin to […]

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