Road tax: payment extended

By decision of the Deputy Minister of Finance Apostolos Vesiropoulos, the deadline for paying road tax by car owners will be extended until February 28 this year. As Mr. Vesiropoulos notes in a statement, “The government is fully aware of the difficulties as well as the special conditions created by the pandemic. The extension of […]

Double road tax for 73,500 car owners

Double road tax will be paid by 73,500 car owners who “forgot” to pay in the amount in 2016 and did not update their data in the myCAR system. Independent Tax Office ΑΑΔΕ sent letters to “forgetful” vehicle owners who, although their vehicles were pre-taxed for that year, did not pay the fees and did […]

Road tax 2021

More than 5.5 million vehicle owners will soon be able to see the road tax amounts for 2021. In mid-November, the Independent Public Revenue Authority will launch an electronic application on its website ( Each notification will contain a QR code. By scanning this code, taxpayers will be able to easily pay fees through mobile […]

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