Road tax 2021

More than 5.5 million vehicle owners will soon be able to see the road tax amounts for 2021. In mid-November, the Independent Public Revenue Authority will launch an electronic application on its website (

Each notification will contain a QR code. By scanning this code, taxpayers will be able to easily pay fees through mobile banking without having to write down the payment code and amount. Those who follow this procedure avoid visiting bank and post offices in Greece.

However, citizens who are not familiar with the Internet and visit banks to pay will also be able to use the QR code at ATMs. In addition, for even greater convenience, it will be possible to pay via web banking, which from this year is carried out using the RF code.

Older cars are paid tolls based on engine power, while new ones are paid based on pollutant emissions.

The winners this year will be those with vehicles registered after January 1, 2021. Taxes for vehicles that emit up to 122 grams of CO2 per kilometer that have been registered after 1 January 2021 will be zero (for passenger cars first registered in a ΕΕ / ΕΟΧ Member State from 1 January 2021 onwards based on emission values CO2 per kilometer according to the Worldwide Harmonized Test Procedure for Light Vehicles (Παγκοσμίως Εναρμονισμένη Διαδικασία Δοκιμής Ελαφρών Οχημάτων, WLTP, as specified in the vehicle license).

In particular:

CO2 emissions – tariff in euros per unit of pollutant

0-122: € 0 123-139: € 0.64 140-166: € 0.70 167-208: € 0.85 209-224: € 1.87 225-240: € 2.20 241-260: € 2.50 261-280: € 2.70 Above 281: € 2.82.

Other vehicle owners are expected to pay the same road tax as last year. In particular, the toll rates for vehicles purchased since 2006 are as follows:

From 1072 cc to 1357 cc the owner must pay 135 euros. From 1358 cc to 1548 cc the owner must pay 255 euros. From 1549 cc to 1738 cc the owner must pay 280 euros From 1739 cc to 1928 cc the owner must pay 320 euros From 1929 cc to 2357 cc the owner must pay 690 euros. From 4001 cubic meters See and above the owner must pay 1380 euros.

Late payment of tax (or refusal to pay) results in a penalty of 100%.

The penalty is:

the amount of the levy if the vehicle is a two-wheeled / three-wheeled motorcycle or a car, 50% of the levy if the vehicle is a passenger, zero if the road tax is less than 30 euros.

Those who do not wish to pay the toll must “submit” their license plates electronically through the dedicated ADADE platform.

Owners with their TAXISNet codes should follow these steps:

If you are connected to the single digital portal of government AAΔE:

Log in to the myCar app Enter Taxisnet codes Enter: a) city code b) street c) house number Apply for a parking space (rented or registered) Submit an application Get an application number Remove the plates from the vehicle and store them in a safe place.

Once the process is complete, the vehicle cannot be moved. Otherwise, fines of up to EUR 30,000 are stipulated in case of a repetition of the violation. The only way to move the vehicle is with temporary license plates, for which the driver must have car insurance with him.

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