Road tax: platform opened

It is officially reported that an electronic platform myCar has been opened, with the help of which vehicle owners can take the chance to take an immobilized personal vehicle off the hook. In this case, you can pay a traffic fee depending on the months in which you plan to use the car on the roads.

“Removal from the joke” is made only if you have a valid insurance policy for the vehicle. AADE, in cooperation with the Greek Insurance Association, will locate uninsured vehicles and block travel.

Specifically, for “digital unmaking”, vehicle owners need to:

enter TAXISnet codes on the myCar AADE platform; indicate a vehicle that is stationary (it was put on a joke); pay tolls for the months that the car owner intends to use the vehicle, without penalties.

To “get off the hook” requires:

Payment of registration fees for the year in which the immovable property will be involved (removed from the fun), or proportional / monthly registration fees corresponding to the period of immobilization. Having an active vehicle insurance policy.

If no fees have been paid, the “Traffic Fee Notice” line is selected.

The vehicle owner then chooses whether to pay annual or prorated road tax, in which case:

A corresponding notification with a payment code is generated annually. Select the number of months for which the vehicle owner intends to pay road tax. The control of a valid insurance policy is carried out through the web service of the association of insurance companies. …

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