Double road tax for 73,500 car owners

Double road tax will be paid by 73,500 car owners who “forgot” to pay in the amount in 2016 and did not update their data in the myCAR system.

Independent Tax Office ΑΑΔΕ sent letters to “forgetful” vehicle owners who, although their vehicles were pre-taxed for that year, did not pay the fees and did not follow the procedure to immobilize a vehicle in their possession if they were not using it.

In the notification, citizens were given the opportunity, by November 22, to inform in the myCAR system the reason why the car owner “has no obligation to pay registration fees for 2016” by attaching the relevant supporting documents. Of the 75,000, only 1258 did so.

Now the submission of data so that car owners do not pay double fees is possible only through a corresponding request or by mail to the tax office. In fact, in order to facilitate their actions, ΑΑΔΕ has created a special procedure for digital submission of supporting documents on the platform “My Requests”, on the digital portal myAADE ( Entering there with the TAXIS codes, the citizen chooses in the following order:

1.your tax office,

2. thematic group “Cars”,

3. Process “Submission of supporting documents on debt collection for traffic 2016-2021”.

Information in Greek:

“Διαδικασία ψηφιακής υποβολής των δικαιολογητικών στην πλατφόρμα” Τα Αιτήματά μου “. Στην ψηφιακή πύλη myAADE ( Ειδικότερα, μπαίνοντας στην πλατφόρμα” Τα Αιτήματά μου “με τους κωδικούς taxisnet, επιλέγουν με τη σειρά:

1.τη ΔΟΥ τους,

2. τη θεματική ομάδα “Αυτοκίνητα”,

3. τη διαδικασία “Υποβολής δικαιολογητικών μη οφειλής τελών κυκλοφορίας 2016-2021”.

It is expected that in the coming days the above-mentioned debtors will receive a new notice from AAΔE, which will inform them about the above procedure.

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