Cars in Thessaloniki yesterday "swam"

A two-hour downpour that hit Thessaloniki yesterday flooded a regional road tunnel and turned vehicles into boats. The northern capital of Greece literally “drowned” as a result of a sudden rain. Reportedly, a huge traffic jam formed in the area of ​​the tunnel, and the cars “swimmed” the dangerous section. The fire department received […]

Weather for Sunday: in the west, in the center and in the south of the country, rain and thunderstorms

On Sunday, May 8, a small cloud cover and very unstable weather are expected throughout the country. During the day, cloudiness in the western, central and southern mainland and insular parts of the country will thicken, in some places showers or rains, as well as individual thunderstorms. Atmospheric circulation will contribute to the transport of […]

Three weekends will be overshadowed by bad weather: an emergency forecast of meteorologists

An emergency meteorological report of bad weather, which will begin on Saturday (5/3) and will mainly affect the western and northern territories of Greece, has been published by EMY forecasters. According to the emergency bulletin, writes in.grbad weather will hit the country over the weekend: heavy rains and thunderstorms, in some places heavy snowfall (in […]

Showers and gusty wind – bad weather is already in Greece

A wave of bad weather, as predicted by forecasters, came to the country on Saturday, bringing downpours and gusty winds. According to the National Observatory of Athens /, rain and thunderstorms have already been recorded in many areas of the Greek mainland. Until yesterday, the ZEUS lightning detection system recorded about 1600 flashes. According […]

In Greenland … rain

For the first time in the entire observation period, it started to rain instead of snow in Greenland. The reason lies in the unprecedented rise in temperature. As reported by CNN TV channel, over the weekend the thermometer on the island exceeded zero. This is the third record rise in temperature over the past decade. […]