Greeks switched to cheaper food

The upward trend in the prices of essential goods has changed the eating habits of most Greeks, who are increasingly switching to cheap and unhealthy food. Geopolitical events, shrinking incomes and inflationary pressures, combined with rising energy and transport prices, are causing further belt-tightening and pushing consumers into new buying habits. In this context, the […]

Summer Bonus: New Facilitation Measures "consumer basket"

The Greek government is considering a “summer allowance” to “stop” the ever-growing wave of inflation, both fuel and goods, which makes the “consumer basket” of households “unsustainable”. According to the publication Dnewswithin a few days, after a special Easter gift (on average 200 euros), the government began to consider a “summer allowance” with measures similar […]

The decision to issue a coupon for 100 euros is being considered by the government

The government is looking for ways to support the population in a difficult economic situation, and is exploring all possible scenarios. Among them is support for those who are most in need and therefore under the greatest pressure due to inflation. The scenario under consideration assumes that the most vulnerable households will be issued a […]

New Household Assistance Measures and Income Criteria Electricity Bill Subsidies

Finance Minister Christos Staikuras has announced a package of combined measures that will help households and businesses cope with widespread price increases in the next period. In particular, new measures are coming to assist households and the distribution of subsidies to electricity bills, taking into account the criteria of income. The Ministry of Finance, together […]

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