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An elderly man who lived with his daughter died … in a car

The tragic news of the death of an elderly man who lived with his daughter in a car for many months after they were evicted from their home filled the hearts of local residents with deep sorrow.

According to pelop.gr, an elderly man from Amaliada, who lived with his daughter in a car, died on Sunday 02/12/2023. His living conditions were such that he could not bear the hardships. The sick man had to be taken to the hospital, where he died.

“He passed away with a “bitter residue in his soul” and a feeling of abandonment,” writes the publication “Patrice”, quoting the words of a man who was close to the family and helped them as best he could. “I am very sorry that everything happened like this … Apparently, he was internally ready to part with his life, and therefore did not fight and … died. This is how he saw a way out of this intolerable situation, ”said his daughter when she was informed of the death of her father, who passed away last night in the hospital.

The old man, according to the newspaper “Patrice”, lived for many years in a rented house with his daughter. However, she lost her job, and they had nothing to pay for rent. The meager pension of a 93-year-old man who had been an immigrant for many years was his only income. There was not enough money even for medicines and food. Debts accumulated, a “loop” was formed, which eventually “strangled” them. This was followed by eviction and accommodation in the car.

The old and small car became their new “home”, the last “refuge”. As the daughter of the deceased said, long-term unemployment and other financial problems have crippled her family.

The woman seems to have now found her way, as she managed to find a job. However, her father could not bear the hardships… A man who had suffered an acute myocardial infarction passed away without waiting for “better times”.

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