The decision to issue a coupon for 100 euros is being considered by the government

The government is looking for ways to support the population in a difficult economic situation, and is exploring all possible scenarios.

Among them is support for those who are most in need and therefore under the greatest pressure due to inflation. The scenario under consideration assumes that the most vulnerable households will be issued a coupon for 100 euros. The allowance will be made available to beneficiaries based on income and wealth criteria.

The idea is based on similar subsidy models used by other European countries such as France, Austria and even Germany in an attempt to reduce the impact of price spikes.

The “coupon issuance” scenario is already being processed by the finance staff for implementation. The goal is for aid to reach vulnerable populations without the risk of the money being absorbed directly by businesses without benefiting citizens. This is one of the fears of the financial staff. However, no final decisions have been made yet, as the commissioners will have to make a decision and then discuss it at a meeting with the prime minister in the coming days.

The new type proposal is based on models used in several European countries. It is known that the German government announced subsidies in the amount of 130 million euros for low-income households. Households with one person will receive 135 euros, those with two people 175 euros, and for each additional person another 35 euros. Austria is riding the same wave with a €1.7 billion aid package for nearly all households that will receive a €150 allowance for electricity costs, an amount that will double for those in need. At the same time, Belgium is also giving all households a €100 bonus to cover electricity costs.

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