June 12, 2024

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Summer Bonus: New Facilitation Measures "consumer basket"

The Greek government is considering a “summer allowance” to “stop” the ever-growing wave of inflation, both fuel and goods, which makes the “consumer basket” of households “unsustainable”.

According to the publication Dnewswithin a few days, after a special Easter gift (on average 200 euros), the government began to consider a “summer allowance” with measures similar to Easter, which will be aimed at easing the family budget as much as possible.

The approval of such a package has not yet been made, since just a few days ago a large amount was allocated from the budget for the electricity subsidy (continuation of subsidizing electricity bills).

As a solution to strengthen the financial situation of households the government intends re-grant emergency benefits to familiesnamely child beneficiaries, low-income pensioners, persons receiving OPECA benefits as partial compensation for “living” expenses.

A decision on the “urgent, extraordinary bonus” will be made in the coming weeks.

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