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Festive "family basket": what are the gifts from Santa Claus in it

The country’s government has made an amendment regarding the “Santa Claus basket”, a measure designed to support the population on the eve of the holidays.

The time is very near when all those who are interested in buying toys for children at low prices will be able to purchase them. The “Santa Claus Basket” is about to become a reality as the major children’s toy store chains are getting ready to put items on the shelves in the run-up to Christmas. According to the amendment, the period during which the Santa Claus basket will remain in force begins on December 14, 2022 and ends on January 11, 2023.

The implementation of the measure will involve companies specializing in the sale of children’s toys to the public, whose total annual turnover exceeds 1 million euros per year. According to official information, stores must have at least one item from each category. Thus, the shares will be available for purchase:

  • board games and puzzles,
  • toys, dolls and more
  • Kids toys,
  • figurines,
  • constructors (“Lego”),
  • sports toys (e.g. balls),
  • Stuffed Toys,
  • musical toys,
  • remote control cars,
  • battery operated toys.

Note that each product that will be in the “basket” must be available at a low price, especially when compared to other products in the same category. At the same time, companies must inform consumers (who make a purchase either in physical or digital stores) about the composition of the “basket” that they recommend. This information will be provided in any suitable way, in particular in the form of lists, brochures and, without fail, with special labeling on products or at points of sale.

As stated in the amendment, “the company places on the trading floor (on the shelf) goods participating in the “Santa Claus basket” promotion and having a clear special sign. Also, the store should have a clear list of goods that make up the “basket”, and be located in a conspicuous place at the entrance (with prices). Enterprises participating in the action “Santa Claus’s basket” must ensure the constant availability of goods. All those who violate the provisions of the law (regarding the “basket”) will face a fine of 1,000 to 10,000 euros.

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