Latvian Ambassador to Russia does not consider Russian society to be healthy

Maris Riekstins, Latvia’s ambassador to the Russian Federation, speaks about the undisguised calls for genocide of Ukrainians voiced in Russia. As writes BB.LVquoting him, the opinions expressed in the Russian public space about Ukraine and Ukrainians do not indicate that Russian society can be considered healthy. The Ambassador of Latvia to the Russian Federation said […]

Sociologists about what Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians think about the war

The results of a sociological study of the attitudes towards the war of citizens of three countries – Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians – were presented at the Warsaw University conference “Still without peace. Warsaw East European Conference”. Sociologists from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus took part in the study. On July 2, they presented the results […]

"Korean" Ukraine? The expert of the American edition considers this a possible option

The Washington Post writes that Ukraine may well expect the “Korean scenario”, that is, the division into two parts. David Ignatius, expert publications on foreign relations, admits that Joe Biden can act according to the “Korean scenario”, repeating the option with Korea. Then the United States recognized the existence of two Koreas – North and […]

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