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Peak of positive perception of the EU over the past 13 years

Despite economic hardships and other problems, positive perceptions EU peaked since 2009.

As reported by “EUROPEAN TRUTH”, this result was shown by an analysis of the Eurobarometer public opinion survey conducted in June-July this year. At the same time, Europeans put the rapid rise in prices and the tense geopolitical situation in the first places in the list of problems that exist today:

  • 34% of respondents consider the rising cost of living to be the biggest problem;
  • 28% of respondents are most concerned about the situation with energy resources;
  • 28% are concerned about the current geopolitical situation;
  • 51% of survey participants believe that the situation in the EU economy is bad now, but 64% already have the same opinion about the economy of their own country, and more than 50% are convinced that the situation will only worsen in the future;
  • 62% of respondents felt the impact of the war in Ukraine on their financial situation, although the vast majority are in favor of support for Ukraine weapons and sanctions, as well as reducing dependence on Russian gas.

The number of optimists about the future of the European Union increased by 3% compared to January-February 2022 and reached 65%. 47% of respondents perceive the European Union positively – this is the highest level since autumn 2009. At the same time, 36% perceive the EU in a neutral way, and 16% negatively.

Almost half of the respondents (49%) are more inclined to trust European institutions, only 34% – to national governments. Support for the euro as a common currency has also reached an all-time high, with 80% of respondents in the euro area and 72% in the EU as a whole supporting the common economic space and the single currency.

Interview “Eurobarometer” this summer was conducted by the method of a personal survey or online – from June 17 to July 17. 26,500 people were interviewed in all member countries of the European Union.

Reference. The Eurobarometer is a series of public opinion polls that have been regularly conducted on behalf of the European Commission and other EU institutions since 1973. These polls cover a wide range of topical issues concerning the European Union in its member states.

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