Choosing a swimsuit – the secrets of beach attractiveness

The variety of choice of bright, stylish and high-quality swimwear in stores cannot but rejoice. But are all models capable of perfectly emphasizing your advantages and skillfully hiding natural flaws? The summer heat will very soon persistently invite you to the seashore, promising a serene vacation and beach bliss. On the agenda are pre-holiday purchases […]

The world faces a protracted pandemic

Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health T.H. Chan say that delta-like strains will prolong the pandemic indefinitely, the coronavirus will not go anywhere. The results of their research are published in the journal Cell, talks about them RIA News… According to scientists, the main characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 delta strain can lead to […]

Ukraine: participants in scandalous photo shoot in Dubai complain about deception of investigators

Two participants in a nude photo shoot in Dubai talked about the investigator’s deception and their impressions of the prison, REN TV reports. The girls say that after the outbreak scandal a “kind policeman” came to them. He assured the models that they were not guilty of anything, but in order to be released home […]

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