Ukraine: participants in scandalous photo shoot in Dubai complain about deception of investigators

Two participants in a nude photo shoot in Dubai talked about the investigator’s deception and their impressions of the prison, REN TV reports.

The girls say that after the outbreak scandal a “kind policeman” came to them. He assured the models that they were not guilty of anything, but in order to be released home quickly, it was necessary to come and testify. The girlfriends are outraged: “And imagine what fools they believed and went!”

As a result, the participants in the nude filming spent in Dubai prison eight days. They were sent to a cell for especially dangerous criminals and every 30 minutes they were woken up for roll call, not being allowed to sleep.

Earlier, another Ukrainian citizen, detained in Dubai, shared similar emotions while talking about the conditions of detention in prison. She said that all the detained models had to sleep on mattresses in pairs, in addition, their cell phones were taken away and no one was allowed to call home, adding:

“We were threatened to be killed by prisoners from other cells, and we prayed to God that we would not be transferred to the main cell – there were fights there every day, the police saw it all and did nothing.”

All the detained participants of the photo session on the balcony of the hotel in the capital of the UAE were deported. They were accused of publicly committing indecent acts and were kept in a prison cell until the conclusion of the investigation. On April 3, pictures of a nude photo session on the balcony of a popular hotel appeared on social networks, angered the public. On the same day, the girls were detained.

The culprit of the sex scandal with naked Ukrainian women in Muslim Dubai turned out to be a native of Kiev Vitaly Grechinwho lived in the USA for many years. In the Ukrainian beau monde he is well known for his passion for beautiful girls – they surround him always and everywhere.

Recall that in an Islamic country, violation of public order, including nudity and “indecent behavior”, is punishable by imprisonment for up to 6 months and a fine of 5000 dirhams (about 1000 euros). Sharing porn materials can lead to imprisonment and heavy fines, in which case the law takes Sharia law into account.

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