Choosing a swimsuit – the secrets of beach attractiveness

The variety of choice of bright, stylish and high-quality swimwear in stores cannot but rejoice. But are all models capable of perfectly emphasizing your advantages and skillfully hiding natural flaws?

The summer heat will very soon persistently invite you to the seashore, promising a serene vacation and beach bliss. On the agenda are pre-holiday purchases and packing of suitcases if the holiday is supposed to be at the resort. When choosing a new swimsuit, think – are all the proposed models able to emphasize your advantages and hide natural flaws? In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a beach accessory, listen to the recommendations of experienced professionals.

Selection criteria – we determine the natural features of the physique

In order not to feel discomfort and awkwardness on the beach, the main criterion when choosing a swimsuit should be body type. Stand in front of a mirror and impartially assess your strengths and weaknesses. If you have not yet decided on your body type, use simple tips:

“Hourglass” – a perfect figure with seductive curves and a thin waist. You should not hide the splendor bestowed by nature under a one-piece swimsuit, and if you are an adherent of just such models, choose slits on the sides and a fairly deep neckline. Any decorations, prints and bows will be appropriate. In the absence of extra pounds, you can choose a bodice without straps, it is better for busty beauties to take care of reliable fixation of luxurious forms.

“Pear” – slight disproportion of the figure often upsets the owner of full legs, wide hips and graceful narrow shoulders. But if you draw attention to the upper part, a small flaw will become completely invisible. As assistants choose:

  • decorative details or frivolous ruffles for volume of the bodice;
  • bright colors in the chest area against the background of a plain bottom;
  • V-shaped neckline for a visual change in the proportions of the body.

The absence of a waist and approximately the same width of the body at the level of the shoulders and hips indicates “rectangular” type figures. In this case, you should not focus on the waist, so it is better to refuse the “thong”. But on the other hand, you can not limit your imagination in choosing various decorative elements:

  1. the belt on the trunks will make the hips a little more voluminous;
  2. a fabric strip on the stomach that connects the parts of a separate swimsuit will confidently emphasize a graceful waist;
  3. diagonal lines and floral patterns on the fabric will not allow you to doubt the ideality of the figure;
  4. rhinestones, bows, pebbles, frills, draperies – this is all for you;
  5. swimming trunks – a great opportunity to increase the hips.

“Triangle” – this is an inverted “Pear”. In the case of broad shoulders and narrow hips, it is important to shift attention from the top of the figure to the bottom. To do this, we choose a modest plain bodice and bright panties, decorated with details that add volume. By no means the other way around!

“An Apple” – this is the type of figure of a “chubby” lady, whose tummy and lack of a waist can treacherously emphasize extra pounds. Do not be upset – the retro style will help you. A swimsuit with high panties will reliably hide annoying folds, and the padded cups of the top will help to present a luxurious breast “in all its glory”. You can afford a high neckline in the thigh area, a deep neckline, but the straps on the bodice must be mandatory, and preferably wide enough.

Choose colors and the most winning shades

The variety of shades of modern models helps to unobtrusively place accents, emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide annoying flaws. Visual correction is an effective tool that is successfully used by the fair sex. In choosing the most advantageous shade, the recommendations of experts will not be out of place:

  • contrary to popular belief, the black color does not always slim – separate bold models are sometimes able to emphasize the excessive splendor of forms and the problematic nature of individual zones. Colored inserts help, diverting attention to themselves, or a slimming one-piece version of a swimsuit;
  • bold Red attracts attention and requires confidence in one’s own irresistibility, even in the absence of an ideal figure;
  • practicality is not too associated with whiteness, but such an accessory perfectly emphasizes the goldenness of sun-kissed skin. The only condition is to use White a swimsuit after several days of being on the beach, otherwise it will only emphasize some soreness and the existing shortcomings of too pale forms;
  • self-sufficiency and slight mystery of its owner unobtrusively emphasize all the shades bluefused models are ideal for ladies prone to excessive splendor;
  • tender or juicy green the colors are slightly frivolous and carefree, emphasize the feminine defenselessness and are popular this season. Be careful – very dark greens are not very attractive on tanned skin;
  • golden and bright yellow, slightly frivolous swimwear can provide a great mood not only for you, but also for those around you. True, such shades should not be chosen by serious mature ladies;
  • restraint, sophistication, light charm – such requirements are imposed on beach accessories by most women after 50. Manufacturers and stylists offer them a wide range exquisite shades – blue and cobalt, coral and emerald, burgundy and dark pink, deep blue. Be careful with white and black – these classic colors look good only on tanned skin.

Highlights 2022

An abundance of shades and a variety of models are the hallmarks of the upcoming beach season 2022. Among the most interesting prints are contrasts, graphic alternations, tropical flowers and the spotting of African predators, small playful peas, bright monochrome in a black border. Designers widely use mesh inserts, fringes and ruffles, playful flounces and lacing. Pay attention to multi-layered accessories, in which a translucent mesh or lace is one of the attractive elements. New models include:

a unique combination of light sexuality and restraint offer monokini (now they call it a one-piece swimsuit) with deep cutouts;

spectacular knitted patternssometimes supplemented with shells or beads;

still popular swimdress. Swimwear-dresses with flirty skirts of various lengths reliably hide figure flaws, gracefully emphasize its advantages;

bandeau bodice – the ability not to have white stripes on the shoulders after intense tanning. However, only girls with elastic breasts who do not threaten to get rid of the captivity of a swimsuit at the most inopportune moment can afford such a model;

high waist closed swimming trunks again in trend, and this is just an invaluable gift for puffy beauties, especially those with unattractive stretch marks.

color novelty of the season – flesh tones, which are especially liked by adherents of natural style. The accessory practically does not stand out on tanned skin, creating a deceptive visual effect of its absence. The only difficulty is to accurately select a creamy or vanilla shade that merges as much as possible with the natural color of the skin.

The choice of a fashion accessory should be approached responsibly, taking into account all the nuances – the type of figure and skin color, character traits and fashion trends. Now you know what you should pay special attention to, so you can safely go shopping!

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