July 15, 2024

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Ukrainian from Serbia has become "Star of Hellas-22"

The beauty contest “Star of Hellas 2022” took place on Sunday, November 20 in the famous nightclub of Athens. The hosts were Panos Zina and Stamatina Tsimtsili.

A colorful magnificent show passed with brilliance. Long-legged girls defiled along the catwalk and drove the connoisseurs of beauty who were in the hall crazy. Samantha Mizovich won the honorary title “Star of Hellas 2022” (Σταρ Ελλάς 2022). The 19-year-old model, originally from Serbia and Ukraine, became known to the Greek public thanks to her participation in the reality show “Big Brother” (reality “Big Brother”). She competed with other models at number 10 and won.

It is noted that the jury included Lakis Gavalas, Ioanna Souliotis, Katerina Stikoudis, Sasha Stamatis, Giorgos Mestousis, Galena Velikova and, of course, “Star of Hellas 2021” Anna Pavlidou. 12 contenders sought victory, hoping to get the coveted title of beauty. Winning the competition gives the right to participate in the international competitions “Miss World” and “Miss International” (“Miss World” και “Miss International”).

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