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A victim of plastic surgeons and his own ambitions

“Double” Kim Kardashian, model of OnlyFans, died after another plastic surgery – her heart could not stand it.

Howinforms Mirror, 34-year-old Christina Ashten Gurkani, a famous model, died in hospital a few hours after plastic surgery. Ashten’s parents wrote on her social media page:

“With deep sorrow and broken hearts, we must share the most crushing, sad and unexpected death of our beautiful beloved daughter and sister Christina Eshten Gurkani. Her sudden and tragic death is now being investigated as a medical procedure-related homicide.”

At the same time, what kind of operation the model did this time is not reported, however, members of the Gurkani family suggest medical negligence.

Relatives turned to Ashten’s fans with a request to help with money for the funeral by opening a GoFundMe page for this. So far, they have managed to raise $3,500 out of the required $40,000.

Fans express sympathy to loved ones and grief. OnlyFans model Mary Magdalene paid an emotional tribute on Instagram:

“I don’t know her, I always saw her by chance on Instagram and thought she was really beautiful, but it’s so sad that she just died from plastic surgery. It’s so scary because you never know when you’re going to die from plastic surgery.”

Mary, who herself almost died after plastic surgery, continues to warn others about the dangers of going under the knife. She pleaded with anyone considering surgery to “find a good doctor” to reduce the possibility of a mistake.

Another user added, “I am very shocked and saddened by this sudden news. She is in line with other Instagram models that I sincerely admire and respect. I remembered how she once wished me a birthday in the mail. I will miss you very much, may Kristina Eshten Gurkani rest in peace.”

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