Messinia: Wanted Dog Found Missing Person Alive

The adventure of the 68-year-old man who disappeared last Thursday, December 23, ended well. According to the ERT, on Christmas day a relative reported his disappearance, and on Sunday afternoon a specially trained dog, a four-legged employee of the 6th branch of EMAK (Ειδική Μονάδα Αντιμετώπισης Καταστροφών), found him … in a ravine. According to […]

Kalamata: head of hospital’s coronavirus department found dead

The head physician of the Kalamata clinic, where patients with Covid-19 are being treated, Nikos Grammaticopoulos, was found dead. According to eleftheriaonline, the pulmonologist was found dead in the Barracks area, where he went hunting yesterday. His relatives announced his disappearance on the evening of October 12, at about 7:00 pm, and the police immediately […]

Belgium: floods killed 27 people

The number of victims in the flood in Belgium was 27 people, although yesterday at 16:00 the Ministry of Internal Affairs officially announced the confirmation of the death of 20 people. The disaster struck the Walloon region of Belgium, RTL reports. Rescue teams are still looking for missing persons. In connection with the large number […]

Germany: 67 casualties, 1,300 missing

After the floods in the Bad Neunar-Ahrweiler area in Rhineland-Palatinate, the fate of at least 1,300 people is unknown, 67 became victims of the unraveling elements. Local authorities believe that “even more died,” without giving specific information. However, it is hoped that some of the missing are simply unable to reach someone due to the […]

Miami: controlled explosion demolished the surviving part of the collapsed house (video)

The collapse of a house in Miami led to the death of 24 people, 121 are still missing. Due to the expected Hurricane Elsa tomorrow, the authorities decided to demolish the remaining part of the building. An impending tropical storm in Florida forced rescuers to stop searching for people left under the rubble on Saturday […]

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