"Mafiosi killed my son": says the father of a 38-year-old gas station owner in Gerakas

The father of 38-year-old gas station owner Anastasios Mitsu claims that his son Georgios was killed because he did not succumb to threats and refused to pay racketeers for “roof” (security at night). “Mafiosi killed my son,” the father of Georgios Mitsos, the owner of a gas station in Gerakas, is beside himself with grief. […]

Contract killing: a well-known recidivist was shot from a Kalashnikov assault rifle

The well-known mafia and nightclub protector Yannis Skaftouros was found dead in his summer home in the village of Skurta (Viotia). According to the information, the 55-year-old famous recidivist, who was repeatedly involved in the past by Greek law enforcement agencies in “serious” cases, including the kidnapping of businessman Panagopoulos, was found dead in the […]

Thessaloniki: 57-year-old man arrested with 30 kilograms of hashish and a Kalashnikov assault rifle

More than 30 kg of hashish and a Kalashnikov assault rifle were found on a 57-year-old man who was arrested in the eastern region of Thessaloniki after an investigation by officers of the department for combating illegal drug trafficking. This is a Greek citizen who is characterized by law enforcement agencies as “the main participant […]

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