Greece: 1,500 illegal immigrants tried to get through Evros in just a day

The Minister for the Protection of Citizens, Takis Theodorikakos, said that 1,500 illegal immigrants tried to cross the Greek border (in the area of ​​the Evros River) within 24 hours. In a morning interview with SKAI, Mr. Theodorikakos referred to the latest Turkish provocations, accusing the neighboring country of engaging in “unacceptable actions” in addition […]

On Eleonas, African illegal immigrants threaten the Greeks: “We will cut your throat and burn you”

The new incidents took place on Friday morning at the Eleonas illegal immigrant camp, where a large MAT police unit was sent last night to begin evacuation procedures. The government and municipal authorities have decided to close the last structure for illegal immigrants that exists in the municipality of Athens. Eleonas is a district of […]

Arrest for transporting illegal migrants

On Monday, June 20, a foreigner and two Greeks were arrested in Rhodope and Alexandroupolis. Local “dealers”, according to preliminary information, handed over the car to a foreign trafficker in order to transport five illegal immigrants entering the country. Police of the Border Guard Department of Alexandroupolis arrested three men. According to authorities, two local […]

British refugees sent to Rwanda

Priti Patel, British Home Secretary, commenting on the government’s decision to send illegal migrants to Rwanda, says: “There are no other options.” She laments that no one can offer worthy alternatives, and assures that the process will be carried out under strict control and at the expense of London: “Our government, together with partners in […]

Frontex CEO Fabrice Leggerie Forced to Resign

Head of the Border Agency EU Frontex Fabrice Leggerie resigned following harsh criticism of his human rights record and fraud investigation. Fabrice Leggeri, who was denounced by the European Parliament last year, announced his resignation in a letter to the agency’s board. “I am returning my mandate to the board of directors as it appears […]

Young man arrested for renting an apartment to seven illegal immigrants

Against a 19-year-old young man, a case was initiated “for facilitating the illegal residence of foreigners.” A Pakistani citizen was arrested in Ampelokipi (Thessaloniki) on charges of facilitating the illegal residence of foreigners, writes According to police, in an apartment located on the ground floor, he provided accommodation for seven foreigners who did not […]

Greek government plans to legalize illegal migrants from Pakistan? Following the talks in Islamabad

The Pakistani government announces the legalization of illegal immigrants in Greece. There is no official denial from the Greek side. Notis Mitarakis, Minister of Immigration and Asylum, held talks in Pakistan with the country’s political leadership. What was discussed and what agreements were reached? On the official government website of Pakistan, a message appeared: “During […]