Evros: a woman was shot in the back

From a very close distance, from a small-caliber gun, presumably by Turkish gendarmes in the Evros region, a woman was shot dead, trying to get to the Greek coast, across the river.

According to the relevant report of the Ministry of Civil Protection of Greece, “Yesterday Saturday, April 16, 2022, at 20:50 in the Evros area (in Soufli), the police of the Border Guard Department discovered a group of people boarding a boat on the opposite bank (from Turkey) with the aim of illegal entry into our country.”

To prevent this, the police officers used powerful flashlights and voice notification of their status (“Police – Back”), but at that moment shots were heard from the opposite side, the direction of which could not be determined due to darkness.

To ensure their physical integrity, the Greek police hurried to take cover, firing warning shots into the air, as they continued to fire their weapons in bursts from the opposite side.

When the boat nevertheless arrived at the Greek coast, five migrants landed from it, and the rest returned. Four managed to swim to the shore, and the woman remained in the water. And when the Greek border guards pulled her out with difficulty, she turned out to be dead.

A gunshot wound to the back was found on the body of an illegal immigrant. The body was taken for an autopsy, and the first assessment by a forensic expert was that the cause of death was a shot fired at very close range from a small-caliber rifle.

The survivors, including a minor, were examined and found to have paid €2,000 each for their transportation to Athens to human traffickers in Constantinople.

Greek law enforcement agencies are conducting a preliminary investigation.

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