February 2, 2023

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Eastern Aegean islands fill with Muslim settlers

Without any control from the authorities, Greece is gradually passing into the hands of foreign Muslim settlers, who have recently arrived in large numbers on the islands in the eastern Aegean.

The government, unable to secure the borders (maritime or land) due to phobias against Turkey and non-governmental organizations, has left the country to the mercy of the appetites of the Turks and Muslim settlers who arrive en masse and land on Greek soil.

It was not until December that there was an explosion of the arrival of Muslim settlers. In particular, in the period from December 1 to December 31, they landed on the islands without hindrance. Of these, 757 arrived in Lesbos, 495 in Kos, 219 in Samos, 169 in Chios, 97 in Kea, 60 in Kalamata, 71 in Rhodes, 27 in Ikaria, 22 in Leros and 16 in Patmos. And this is only official data. In reality, the situation is much worse.

And all this at a time when the Minister of “Migration” Notis Mitarakis announced on December 25 that the migration issue had been resolved! In a conversation with SKAI, speaking about smugglers, he noted: “There are schemes that make money – either criminal organizations or NGOs. However, over the past three years we have reduced flows: if before 92,000 people lived in 133 structures, now 15,000 live at 33. You remember Idomeni and Moria. After the New Democracy came to power, many more migrants left the country than arrived. All existing schemes are controlled by the police. We felt the migration crisis in our islands. The old structure in Vathi Samos has now been returned to the municipality” .

There are no closed structures here, anyone who wants to enter the country can do it anytime and however they want, there are no deportations, and the immigration of new Muslim settlers continues non-stop and will continue for 20 years, at least while the Greek population is declining due to insufficient birth rates.

What future can this country have now?

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