British refugees sent to Rwanda

Priti Patel, British Home Secretary, commenting on the government’s decision to send illegal migrants to Rwanda, says: “There are no other options.”

She laments that no one can offer worthy alternatives, and assures that the process will be carried out under strict control and at the expense of London:

“Our government, together with partners in the government of Rwanda, are looking for new, innovative solutions to global problems. I am afraid that other organizations and other countries are not ready to offer an alternative, and the status quo is no longer acceptable.”

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Rwanda, Vincent Biruta, announces his readiness to accept illegal migrants who entered the territory of the United Kingdom:

“As soon as the UK is ready to send the first batch of asylum seekers, we will be ready to take them in. We have put in place all the mechanisms that are necessary to process asylum applications. And we are also working on the logistics.”

However, human rights activists are concerned about the fact that not only its citizens will be deported to Rwanda, moreover, they do not consider the country safe enough, as the British authorities assure.

Ukrainian refugees in the UK are concerned, because some entered the country without a request or without waiting for an answer to it – through the open Irish border. London admits such a development of events and does not exclude that Ukrainians may fall under the criteria for deportation to Rwanda. However, the authorities say that each case will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson writes Gazeta.rudeclared Radio LBCthat Ukrainian refugees will not be sent to Rwanda:

“It just won’t happen. We have two different schemes for Ukrainians. Both are incredibly generous and aim to help people who have relatives in Ukraine move them to the UK.”

As writes Daily Mail, approximately 26,000 refugees entered the country under the “Home for Ukraine” program, but not all of them have a smooth new life. The British publication notes that often refugees are notified of eviction in just one day, and people find themselves without a roof over their heads.

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