Turks illegally arrived in Greece by paragliding

Two Turkish citizens took off on a paraglider in Turkish Izmir and made an unplanned landing in the sea, near the village of Karistos on the island of Evia.

According to local media evima.gr, the paraglider fell into the sea near the town of Karystos in the early evening on Saturday. Once the aircraft was in the water, the men swam to shore with the help of two divers who were hunting for fish and were then picked up by a Coast Guard patrol car.

The two men, aged 32 and 33, told the authorities that they were Turkish police officers and wanted to apply for political asylum in Greece.

According to them, they started their paragliding journey from Izmir, but ran out of fuel and landed in Karystos.
It is worth noting that the adventurers were very risky, since Izmir is directly almost 250 km away. Although, according to specialized literature, paragliding flights can last many hours and cover hundreds of kilometers, but the engine can stall at any moment, and there was a cold sea under them.

According to evima.grmembers of the Greek State Security were immediately dispatched to Karystos to meet with the two Turks who are currently being held in the detention center of the Port Authority of Karystos.

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