Rhodes: dozens of illegal immigrants landed on the beach. "Authorities" were warned… by tourists

A few dozen immigrants who landed on Tsambika beach in Rhodes without any problems were among the unsuspecting tourists who went swimming… History repeats the situation on June 29, when 50 illegal immigrants landed in Kalithea Bay on Rhodes. Both in this and in the previous case, beachgoers notified the “authorities” of the arrival of […]

Government warns illegal immigrants: “We will not allow anyone to illegally enter Greece”

“We will not allow anyone to enter Greece illegally,” Citizens Protection Minister Takis Theodorikakos said on Tuesday following a recent massive attempt by illegal migrants to enter the country across maritime and land borders. In an interview with ANT1 TV channel, Theodorikakos blamed Turkey for this and once again accused her of trying to use […]

Thessaloniki: dismantling of international human trafficking network, five arrests

The international criminal organization for trafficking in immigrants, which had been operating since September last year, was liquidated by the Greek police with the assistance of Europol. During an operation carried out in Northern Greece by police officers of the Thessaloniki Department for Foreigners, five members of the group, three foreigners and two Greeks, were […]

Police operation in the center of Athens

A large-scale police operation is deployed in the center of Athens. Law enforcement officers fight such phenomena as human trafficking and drug trafficking, and also check the documents of migrants. More than 200 police officers from various services are involved in operational activities. According to iefimerida.gr, these are security forces, OPKE fighters from abroad, policemen […]

A network of migrants’ trade discovered: they were imported from Turkey, robbed, their passports were taken away

Iefimerida.gr publishes details of the discovery and capture of members of a gang that transported foreigners from Turkey to Greece, and then stole their passports, mobile phones, money and valuables. When the immigrant tried to protest, he was threatened that he would simply “turn over to the police.” Six traffickers were arrested by OPKE officers […]

Who is behind the reports of human rights defenders about the harsh treatment of illegal migrants?

In early October, a number of Western media appeared messages O rude treatment of migrants recorded at the borders of several EU countries. The reaction of Brussels was not long in coming: European Commissioner for Internal Affairs of the EU Ilva Johansson called on the authorities of Greece, Romania and Croatia to investigate the incidents […]

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