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Chios: pursuit and shooting at a boat with 33 illegal immigrants

In the sea, near the island of Chios, during patrols, coast guards found 33 illegal immigrants trying to enter the territorial waters of the country. After a warning shot, the boat was detained, and illegal immigrants were taken to a refugee center Κ.Υ.Τ. “ΒΙΑΛ”where they will be before sending them to the mainland.

It all happened on 09/05/2023, early in the morning, when two Greek Coast Guard patrol boats spotted an inflatable motorboat with foreigners in the seaside area of ​​Agia Ermioni, east of Chios. As soon as the passengers of the boat saw the Coast Guard patrol cars, they began to make dangerous maneuvers to escape.

The Coast Guard, fearful that the foreigners would leave territorial waters and return to Turkey, signaled the boat to stop sound and light to take them to safety on Chios, but this proved to be useless. Then the coast guard ships fired warning shots at a safe distance, after which the boat with the migrants stopped.

After that, the Coast Guard transplanted 33 foreigners from various countries of Central Asia, they were carefully delivered to the port of the island, where they were handed over to the security officers of the Chios Port Central Authority, and then sent in complete safety to the hospitality center Κ.Υ.Τ. “ΒΙΑΛ”.

It should be noted that yesterday, Coast Guard vessels managed to transport 165 illegal migrants to the Greek coast of Lesbos and Rhodes with the utmost care and safety.

At the same time, LS carried out other movements of foreigners in absolute safety. In particular, a patrol boat during a scheduled transportation, having received information from a military observatory, found a boat with 29 Muslims, whom he picked up and transported first to the port of Petra on about. Lesvos, and then to the quarantine zone on Kara-Tepi “Mayrovuni”.

Another patrol boat, performing scheduled patrols, noticed in the sea area of ​​u200bu200bAgrielia on about. Lesbos is a ship with a large number of Muslims. The crew of the patrol boat immediately picked up 48 (forty-eight) foreigners and carefully delivered them to the port of Mitylene. Subsequently, these foreigners were transported to the quarantine zone of the Mavrovuni port.

As already noted, all the aforementioned foreigners, after registering with the provision of any information and after applying for asylum, will be transferred to the mainland for permanent residence in accordance with the established procedure. Between 1 and 31/08, the Coast Guard transported 5,777 foreigners from Muslim countries to Greece

  • Lesbos 1548
  • Samos 1236
  • Rhodes 1173
  • Kos 717
  • Chios 174
  • Leros 133
  • Kalamata 109
  • Pharmaconisi 99
  • Kalymnos 88
  • Symi 83
  • Kythnos 80
  • Zakynthos 76
  • Falconera 52
  • Mykonos 51
  • Enussa 49
  • Patmos 31
  • Evia 27
  • Rho 18
  • Psara 16

This is not counting an unknown number of illegal immigrants who arrived through the land border in Evros.

The tough situation with the refusal to accept illegal migrants changed just a few days after the well-known tragedy, when an unknown (it is believed that there were more than 500 people on the ship, but there is no evidence) number of illegal immigrants (bodies were found) died in the sea near the port of Pylos in the Peloponnese 79 people) who sailed from Africa to Italy. Suddenly, their ship capsized, and 104 illegal immigrants managed to escape (along with the smugglers who transported them).

After a scandal and numerous accusations the Greek authorities actually opened the borders, accepting all illegal immigrants.

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