May 18, 2024

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Pronews: the fire in the Dadias forest was caused by illegal immigrants who warmed up their own food

The police investigation fully confirms preliminary estimates that the big fire in the Dadia Forest was started by illegal immigrants who were found charred after allegedly lighting a fire to cook food.

The result was an environmental disaster for the prefecture of Evros, as well as the death of a large number of people. Responsibility for the crime – both for those who died and for the ecological catastrophe – is borne by both those who let them inmade it possible to get into the territory of Greece, and those who said that “Evros is a fortress, Evros is hermetic, and other similar lies,” the editors of the publication believe

As for what happened, according to the estimates of firefighters and employees EL.AS., illegal migrants, probably built a fire either to keep warm or, more likely, to cook.

Investigators suggest that at some point, probably falling asleep near the fire, illegal immigrants “missed” the fire, which spread to the surrounding forest. They tried to escape, but the fire surrounded them and they died tragically. The conclusion of the authorities is supported by the fact that a small fire, firewood and kitchen utensils with food remains were found in the same place.

Thus, in their opinion, the fire that started in the Avantas area, which burned part of the Dadia forest, started from the place where 18 illegal immigrants (all men), including two boys, were found charred.

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