May 25, 2024

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Citizen who arrested illegal immigrants: “I found incendiary devices next to them”

The businessman from Alexandroupolis, who detained 13 illegal immigrants and handed them over to the authorities, issued a statement through his lawyer to respond to threats and insults to which he and his family were subjected.

Wanting to give some explanation of how and why he did it, the man, in particular, emphasizes that when he noticed illegal immigrants, he immediately reported it to the police so that they would take legal action. In doing so, he discovered that there were incendiary devices near them.

He explains that while waiting for the police, respecting human life and dignity, he provided everyone with drinking water. He never used verbal or physical violence against them. He never carried a weapon. He never called fellow citizens to illegal actions. His actions were not dictated by racist motives. He never tried to replace the Greek authorities.

Below is the full text of the lawyer’s statement:

“Regarding the incident that took place on 22-08-23, in which my client Thoth Apostolos was involved as the owner of the car, in addition to the explanations he has already given to the authorities, explanations must be given to the public, since he and his family were threatened and insults. several incendiary devices. In close proximity to them, a group of illegal immigrants was seen trying to power them.

By immediately exercising their legal right under Art. 275 of the Greek Criminal Code, he proceeded to prevent and arrest the criminal group that brought the devices, and immediately called the police to take legal action. While waiting for the police, respecting human life and dignity, he provided everyone with drinking water.


  • NEVER used verbal or physical violence against them.
  • NEVER carried a weapon.
  • NEVER called fellow citizens to illegal actions.
  • NEVER his actions were dictated by racial motives.
  • He NEVER tried to replace the Greek authorities.

On the contrary, guided by a sense of responsibility towards human lives and property burned in recent days in the region as a result of the actions of arsonists, he took legal action to prevent and limit criminal behavior, as every citizen should do when confronted with the commission of crimes that threaten and directly affect human lives. and property. He will take the same actions regardless of the nationality of the criminals. Defense Counsel.”

It is worth noting that in the video that the aforementioned Thoth Apostolos posted on social networks, there were specific offensive statements of a racist nature that would be difficult for the defense to refute.

He is calling for a massacre of migrants and refugees in the Evros region and is heard in the video saying: “They’re going to burn us motherfuckers, they’re going to burn us. Oh see, 25 b@@@@rs. The whole mountain is full of guys. The whole mountain is full of their fucking madness. They swore, let the f**k them swore to burn us down. Full of pis@@kov. Full of whores everywhere, that’s what I’m telling you guys. Get organized, everyone, let’s go out and catch them. They’ll burn us down, that’s all I’m saying.”

The video sparked a huge response on social media and led to an immediate response from the authorities. At the same time, social media users are sure that the fires that are now literally devastating Evros are caused by illegal migrants who cross the border, then warm themselves by the fires and cook their own food on an open fire, not really caring about fire safety.

The authorities immediately reacted to the video and arrested the businessman. “The Greek police are vigilant and, in cooperation with other government agencies, are working intensively and systematically to effectively protect the borders and eliminate criminal schemes for trafficking in illegal immigrants, while ensuring the rule of law and striving to radically reduce this problem. Greece is a rule of law state with strong democratic principles and humanitarian traditions. Lynching is not allowed in any form”the statement says ΕΛ.ΑΣ.

It is worth noting that a lot of videos appeared on the social networks of the region about finding incendiary devices in the forests near Alexandroupoli. In the video, their authors show bookmarks with combustible materials that they found in the forest. It is worth noting that the Dadias forest is on the way of illegal migrants from Turkey. It is known that illegal immigrants, having crossed the border, stop at night in the forest and burn fires, warming themselves and cooking their own food. According to police, about 900 people cross the border from Turkey every day.

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