May 30, 2024

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Evros: 18 charred corpses of illegal migrants found

A tragedy in the Dadia forest on Evros that has been burning since yesterday: at least 18 charred bodies of migrants were reportedly found.

The fire in the forest broke out at noon on Monday (21/8), firefighters were able to localize the fire, and the fire has not yet spread beyond the forest. Deputy head of the region Dimitris Petrovic told AP-MPE that it was a “standalone” outbreak that originated for an unknown reason, away from other ongoing fires in the Gimbrenna area.

Local residents do not think so, pointing to illegal migrants who are hiding from the police in the forests as the culprits – they say, “they burn fires when preparing food, and do not put out the fire when they leave.”

Creepy footage of fires taken from the city of Alexandroupoli

Earlier, fire brigade spokesman Yiannis Artopios, referring to the fire in the Dadia forest, said: “People from different countries go through there, and once someone gets there, you can’t do anything.”

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