Incredible squid caught on Evia

The record “catch of the year” was made by the fishermen of Karistos, who caught two fifteen-kilogram squids. Successful fishing glorified the locals. A curious event occurred on Saturday 17 September. And, as expected, as soon as the fishermen pulled the huge marine life out of the water, everyone ran to look at this miracle […]

Fishermen caught a three-meter shark

In Chania, the place of Paleochora, the fishermen caught a huge fish. A large shark over three meters long, caught by fishermen on Friday (September 16) in Paleochora (Chania), attracted the attention of passers-by. According to zarpanews, this is a shark of the genus Alopias, which includes sharks, also known as “thresher sharks” or “sea […]

Watch out! Dangerous rabbit fish "does not sleep"

Professional fishermen are in despair as a poisonous species of predatory fish has reappeared in the shallow waters of the beaches. Huge populations of rabbit fish destroy equipment and fishermen’s nets, and also frighten bathers. In addition, this species, alien to the seas of Greece, is a constant headache for environmentalists. The marine waters of […]