December 2, 2023

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The fisherman managed to catch a perch weighing more than 40 kg

A fisherman from Chania, Crete managed to catch a sea bass weighing over 40 kg.

Sea bass (grouper, βλαχοσφυρίδα) is an excellent and, of course, especially expensive fish in the culinary plan.

Sea bass is one of the most valuable and popular commercial fish. The representative of scorpionfish has tender pinkish meat and optimal fat content. In the Atlantic species, the percentage of fat is 6%, and in the Pacific it is even less – 3.3%.

According to, fisherman Georgios Kazoulis shared his unexpected joy on his Facebook page, emphasizing that “it was one of the most enjoyable battles he has ever been in” while engaging in his favorite hobby.

In his post, he wrote: “A bit of history: on Sunday morning at 4:00 am, we left home to reach our destination around 7:00 am. It was very foggy, as if the cloud was stuck 10m above the sea. Conditions in which fish tend to hide and become “lazy”. We decided to return because the weather forecast was not good. So, having arrived in a familiar place, where I had already caught such fish 3 times (the first 5 years ago), I suddenly felt how my fishing rod was “breaking”. A huge fish was hooked, and it seemed that it could drag it into the sea!

However, I thought that maybe I have a chance to pull out the “beauty”. From that moment began our 20-minute fight. Once the fish got tired and floated to the surface, I couldn’t believe my eyes. She was one of the biggest I’ve ever caught.”

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