Easter allowance of 250 euros: when and what will 1,750,000 beneficiaries receive

On Holy Wednesday, April 20, 2022, the state pays an extraordinary one-time “Easter Allowance-22”, financial assistance that will “breathe” vulnerable households affected by inflation. However, despite the initial information, which stated an increase of 50 euros – that is, up to a total of 300 euros – compared to the social dividends given out at […]

Social dividend for Easter will not receive 3 categories of citizens

Measures to overcome inflation and the amount of financial assistance provided by the state to low-income citizens of the country were finally determined. So who will be left without an extraordinary one-time Easter allowance this year? The financial staff of the government seems to have decided on who will receive an allowance (social dividend) from […]

Social dividend for Easter: what’s new

With a limited budget, the Greek government is preparing a decision to issue a “special Easter gift” to vulnerable groups of citizens, as financial assistance in difficult conditions of inflation. Rising energy prices make multifaceted government intervention absolutely necessary to keep the Greek economy from collapsing. The situation is extremely volatile: negotiations are underway, and […]

Two bonuses for Easter

At a time when prices are rising and the citizens of Greece are being squeezed into a financial grip, the government is expected to give an Easter gift, a social dividend as compensation, while everyone waits for subsidies for household appliances. Official announcements about special Easter allowance are expected at the end of March, but […]

Easter bonus: up to 300 euros

According to Kyriakos Mitsotakis, vulnerable households will be assisted in the form of a special Easter bonus, a one-time allowance. It is expected that an allowance of almost 300 euros will be given to financially incompetent citizens. Appropriate decisions will be made tentatively on March 20, with a general and very vague plan for providing […]

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