200 euros: date of payment of the Easter allowance for pensioners

According to the information, next week and actually towards the end of it, around April 14-15, e-EFKA will pay an extraordinary Easter gift of 200 euros to 676,735 low-income pensioners.

The beneficiaries are pensioners with an annual individual taxable income for 2020 up to 7200 euros (600 euros per month).

The criterion for receiving the allowance for families is an annual income of up to 14,400 euros and a total taxable value of home real estate not exceeding 200,000 euros. The total budget for payments is estimated at 135 million euros.

Emergency financial assistance will be paid to those who receive in March 2022:

a) the final or provisional basic pension or the advance payment of the basic pension due to old age, disability or death,

b) pre-retirement allowance,

c) disability benefits paid by the National Electronic Social Security Agency (e-EFKA);

d) pension payments in accordance with paragraph 3 of article 4 of law 4387/2016 (A ’85).

Emergency Financial Assistance is available subject to the following cumulative conditions:

a) The annual individual taxable income of pensioners, real or imputed, for the tax year 2020 does not exceed 7,200 euros, and the annual taxable income of a family, real or imputed, does not exceed 14,400 euros. Taxable family income is the sum of the taxable income of the taxpayer and his/her spouse (including if a cohabitation agreement has been concluded, arising from the submitted income tax return of individuals for the 2020 tax year).

b) The total value of real estate, determined for the calculation of the additional Uniform Real Estate Tax (EN.F.IA.), does not exceed the amount of 200,000 euros.

c) Citizens who are tax residents of Greece according to the data kept in the register of the Independent Office of Public Revenue (AADE) and have submitted an income tax return for the 2020 tax year.

The aid amount is per 1 eligible beneficiary and is set at €200, regardless of the number of her dependents. If the beneficiary receives a pension from both e-EFKA and Γενικό Λογιστήριο του Κράτους (ΓΛΚ), the benefit is paid by e-EFKA.

In the event that both spouses or parties to a cohabitation agreement are recipients of assistance, both are paid assistance in the amount of 200 euros.

Extraordinary financial support is not taxable and is not withdrawn to the state or third parties, is not subject to any withholding, payment of fees or contributions, is not retroactive and is not offset by confirmed debt to the tax administration and the rest of the state, insurance funds or lending institutions, and is not calculated within the income limits for the payment of any social benefits.


1. A person with a common real income from pension, business / dividends, rent or percentages / rights (σύνταξη ,ήήήιιρρμόόόόή δραστηριότητα / ερίσματα, ενοίκια ήήκοςς / Δικαιώματα) to 7200.00 euros will receive a benefit of 200 euros from EFKA.

2. A person with a total real income from pension, business/dividends, rent or interest/entitlements of €7200.00 and a dependent child listed on the annual income tax return for 2020 will receive a subsidy of €200 from EFKA.

3. A couple/household with a total real pension income that they both receive separately, as well as income from their business activities/received dividends, rent or interest up to 14,400 euros, each of them will receive an allowance of 200 euros from EFKA.

4. Couple/household with total real income from pension, business/dividends, rent or interest/rights up to EUR 14,400.00, but only one of them is retired, then it is he who will receive an allowance of 200 euros from EFKA.

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