September 22, 2023

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Easter bonus: what you need to do to get… almost 300 euros

According to Kyriakos Mitsotakis, vulnerable households will be assisted in the form of a special Easter bonus, a one-time allowance.

It is expected that an allowance of almost 300 euros will be given to financially incompetent citizens. Appropriate decisions will be made tentatively on March 20, with a general and very vague plan for providing a social dividend shortly before Easter.

We are talking about 1 million low-income citizens, while the amount of the allowance will be about 300 euros per person. It is planned to give it to low-income pensioners, but without specifying how much money a pensioner must receive in order to be considered a beneficiary.

The list of those who will receive the extraordinary allowance includes households receiving guaranteed minimum income (EEE-KEA), as well as the unemployed.

“This is emergency aid, so to speak, a way to fight inflation,” the prime minister said.

Recall, as Russian Athens wrote earlier, before the situation in Ukraine issuance of an allowance was practically defined (criteria, amounts, terms). However, after the Russian invasion of Ukraine everything has changed.

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