March 31, 2023

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Two bonuses for Easter

At a time when prices are rising and the citizens of Greece are being squeezed into a financial grip, the government is expected to give an Easter gift, a social dividend as compensation, while everyone waits for subsidies for household appliances.

Official announcements about special Easter allowance are expected at the end of March, but the Prime Minister has already specified that it touches the weakest writes

The amount of the dividend will reach 300 euros and about 1 million citizens will receive it. Priority will be given low-income pensioners and beneficiaries of social solidarity income (EEE-KEA).

“In March, we will find out what the size of the budget allocated for assistance will be. The social dividend is an emergency aid, a way for citizens to cope with inflation in these difficult times,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Subsidy for electrical appliances

This program will affect thousands of households. Presumably, beneficiaries will receive a discount of up to 50% for the replacement of 1 piece of household appliances.

Who can’t get a grant?

It was decided to “cut” the beneficiaries, limit their participation depending on the criterion of income and if the number of applications exceeds 200,000. There is also a condition that the old device that needs to be handed over must be working.

The application process will be through special platform with Taxisnet codes. “An electronic platform will be opened, and there an interested person will be able to submit an application: either independently, or an accountant, or a store where a new item of household appliances will be purchased. The application will need to indicate which devices the citizen intends to replace, his taxpayer number (AFM) and bank account,” Minister Kostas Skrekas said.

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