What’s happening in Kabul today

Having taken control of Afghanistan, the Taliban talk about a “popular uprising” and promise an inclusive government. They hoisted a flag over the presidential palace and announce the end of the 20-year war, happily posing for the cameras. The militants are demanding the withdrawal of all foreign troops before the new government is formalized. They […]

Australia: banned cat walks

Australian cats have lost the opportunity to walk the streets and meet with partners – the authorities of the city of Knox, located near Melbourne, imposed a strict curfew for them. For this, according to the Daily Mail, the city authorities have good reason. Whatever one may say, cats are predators, and thus officials are […]

Canceled SMS for leaving home

Within the framework of the briefing, which was held today by the Deputy Prime Minister of Greece, Akis Skertsos, it was announced that SMS for leaving home from May 14 was canceled. As Akis Skertsos stated during the briefing, SMS to numbers 13033 and 13032 will be canceled from 14/5 In addition to canceling SMS, […]

3 more steps to freedom: SMS cancellation, curfew until 00.30, 3 conditions for travel to the islands

“We are leaving isolation behind,” said Akis Skertsos, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of government coordination, who announced the cancellation and weakening of a number of measures as part of a regular briefing. In particular: The ban on going outside, starting from Friday 14/5, is extended until 00.30 at night. From 14/5, SMS to numbers […]

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