February 3, 2023

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Australia: banned cat walks

Australian cats have lost the opportunity to walk the streets and meet with partners – the authorities of the city of Knox, located near Melbourne, imposed a strict curfew for them.

For this, according to the Daily Mail, the city authorities have good reason. Whatever one may say, cats are predators, and thus officials are trying to protect opossums, birds and reptiles from them.

From now on, pets should be kept only in the home territory – in apartments and houses, garages and sheds, in aviaries or on balconies and terraces. In this case, the location of the pussies should be vigilantly monitored by their owners.

Not everyone liked the legislative innovations, and they simply outraged environmentalists. “It’s just not fair to them. It’s like putting a tiger in a zoo, ”says Charlotte Jensen, a local resident, on the new rules.

Nevertheless, the initiative will begin to be implemented as early as October 1. During the transition period, all cat owners will receive warnings about the need to comply with the introduced rules. After 6 months, you will have to pay a fine for non-observance of about $ 500 if the freedom-loving cat stubbornly climbs over the fence and walks around the neighborhood.

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