When will the curfew be canceled

Today, a meeting of the committee of experts will take place, which should answer such pressing issues as the permission of music and crowded celebrations (weddings, etc.), as well as the abolition or relaxation of the ban on movement at night, which is still in force today, in as a restrictive measure for the coronavirus.

Gyms have opened, stores are now accepting customers without any online visit alerts or SMS, and it looks like society is slowly returning to “normal life” even without music. Teleworking in the public and private sectors has dwindled so much that crowded streets and traffic make many people genuinely regret that the lockdown … is behind them.

The 00:30 am to 05:00 am curfew remains in place and does not seem to be lifted anytime soon. At least, according to a government spokesman who “dismissed” the issue, saying “we have not yet overcome the virus” and therefore must “be patient, at least until mid-June.”

For his part, Development and Investment Minister Adonis Georgiadis said at the end of May that the government wants there to be no restrictions on night movement in the summer, believing that “it will not be too late to lift the traffic ban after June 15”.

Seven months curfew
The night traffic ban has been in effect without interruption from November 2020 until today, for almost 7 months. During this period, the start time of the curfew was gradually shifted from 21:00 pm to 00:30 am, due to the opening of restaurants and cafes.

A. Peloni’s answer to the immediate lifting of the ban is so far negative, but in the end it becomes clear that it is necessary to designate a “horizon for its lifting.” The debate is expected to begin in the second decade of June, always subject to improved epidemiological data. So indeed, a sufficient number of problems with tourism and catering enterprises will be reduced by one.

Nevertheless, the government is ready to “cut” the curfew by half an hour or an hour, that is, either from 01:00 am or 01:30 am, according to the Alpha channel’s news summary.

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